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Machine Readable

Bits, bytes, and blogs, by Halcyon

Information platforms that interact with large language models (LLMs) are built with a fundamental advantage: users can engage with them in natural language through written queries and requests. They can do so not just quickly and iteratively, but creatively as well.

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Halcyon has been pounding a very specific drum since the start: we are awash in energy transition and decarbonization information, and of a type and volume that overwhelms any human information capability to index, classify, or rank.

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It’s a safe bet that anyone reading this post works with information. You either create it through your business processes, or absorb it to feed those processes. In fact, you probably both create and consume important information constantly, even if you have not thought of information in a producer-consumer way.

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Hello World

The software industry has a time-tested tradition of proving a new program’s viability with a simple code input and a simple text output: Hello World.

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