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Machine Readable

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The cover story of this week’s edition of The Economist is a long look at the present state and future trajectory of the global solar industry. I was fortunate to have the chance to speak with the newspaper and provide thoughts on an industry I’ve looked at closely for almost two decades.

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This entry of Machine Readable is a conversation between Nat Bullard, Chief Strategy Officer, Halcyon, and Vicky Homan, GTM Lead, Halcyon. Among the many hats she wears, Vicky is an integral part of Halcyon’s customer-facing team and is also our record-holder for most queries submitted via Halcyon’s platform.

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Information platforms that interact with large language models (LLMs) are built with a fundamental advantage: users can engage with them in natural language through written queries and requests. They can do so not just quickly and iteratively, but creatively as well.

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Halcyon has been pounding a very specific drum since the start: we are awash in energy transition and decarbonization information, and of a type and volume that overwhelms any human information capability to index, classify, or rank.

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